Our Enemy — Lies!

I have characterized our enemy as lies. But the central lie that empowers all the others
is unbelief in God, who He is and what He has said, particularly about men and women He has created. The individual lies are symptoms. Unbelief is the real disease.

In contrast, consider some of God’s pictures of our significance:

In Luke 15, you can cut the hatred with a knife. The religious leaders, angered that Christ associated with people they considered unholy, grumble among themselves that He receives sinners and eats with them. The practice of the religious leaders was to disdain association with such people and keep themselves aloof. Christ tells three stories
that show how each person He has created is priceless, and that the religious leaders
had missed the infinite value of one person. It is interesting that the despised tax collectors and sinners were freely coming to Christ. They were drawn by His love and esteem for them.


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