Jon’s Story


Raised in the San Francisco East Bay,I graduated from California State University, East Bay with a BS in Biology.

Entering the U. S. Air Force after graduation, between 1966 and 1972 I flew as an Air Force pilot (Captain) in Vietnam (C-7a aircraft) and the Philippines (C-118 or DC-6).

I graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1976, with a Th.M., with an emphasis in English Bible, but extra work in biblical Hebrew. I have since pastored in the local church for 34 years, most recently at Redwood Chapel Community Church in Castro Valley (NAE). For sixteen years I have directed the Christian Writers Seminar in Castro Valley, which yearly hosts 150-200 writers and instructors.

The bigger story is that I longed to write for publication, but could never find how to do it. In the early 90’s I attended the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference and attended the major morning workshop by Ethel Herr, Beginner’s Basics of Writing for Publication. The next year I sold my first devotionals.

As an Air Force pilot I remember flying supersonic. It was a non-event. (Gruff) “What does the mach meter say?” Answer: “1.1, Sir!”
Response: (I do this every day) “You’re going supersonic!”

But for me, writing for publication was huge, the chance to communicate a message that had gripped me deeply, in a longing to help others. I have since sold over 300 articles or devotionals.  


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