Finding True Greatness

Truths such as these have proven life-changing for me. I find I must immerse myself in them, swim in them, breathe them continually to combat the world of lies within and
without me.

It has not been a short journey, as painful battles had to be fought daily, and new truths embraced that encompassed my whole mental mindset. It has been the most profitable journey of my life, since coming to faith in Christ. For me, the answer has enabled my daily mindset to begin moving from sadness to joy.

I mentioned our friend Greg who took his own life. As I read about the Greg I had known in his journals, and read and heard the testimonials at his memorial service, the impact he had made on people overwhelmed me. It brought me to tears. Over and over in Greg’s notes the false conclusion he reached was “What a failure I am!” But the conclusion I reached differed greatly. I concluded he missed his own greatness. He couldn’t see what others saw. He thought he was nothing. He missed the picture of how he was the touch of God in countless lives around him.

Are you missing the picture of your true greatness? Have you never even caught a glimmer of that picture? You may not be beside the railroad tracks of decision, but nonetheless facing a desperate daily struggle. I know it as I have walked in your shoes.
Will you go on a journey with me? Perhaps we can learn together. Let’s begin to defuse the lies that are killing us, and begin to find the significance and greatness God intended for each of us.


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