Easter’s Answer to Fear

After the resurrection of Christ, the news that the Savior was alive was first given to women by the angels at the tomb (Luke 24:1-8). They were told to go to the disciples with the message. In advance of the larger group of women, “Marathon Mary” Magdalene ran to the disciples, and Peter and John came running back to the tomb. It says John “believed” and Peter wondered. When Mary came a second time after seeing the Lord, it says the disciples “mourned and wept” (Mark 16:10AV) and disbelieved the message. When the larger group of women came it says the disciples considered the report of the women to be idle talk (Luke 24:11).

The disciples evidence the classic paralysis of FEAR. They were also battling despair or hopelessness, grief, a sense of failure, rejection of their society, and powerlessness against immense odds.

Here is what they missed in their paralysis:
*He was with them “I will never leave you or forsake you!”
*He had gone before them into Galilee, and always goes before His sheep.
*He intended them to believe and act on the report of the women. They wanted more concrete information. We must live in faith like the old Trust and Obey.
*They had His Word and command through the angels.
*He had called them and sent them. He was not looking for policy guidance on the wisdom of that call.
*Though they felt immobilized by weakness, once they stepped out in obedience they would begin to experience His strength.
*When we feel immobilized by fear we must step out and be obedient to the truth we know.

Early in my Christian life I was paralyzed by fear and weakness. I cried out to the Lord “You promised to be my strength! Why don’t you strengthen me! What are you– Deaf? After a long period of time I felt the Lord answered “Get out of that rocking chair and be obedient to what I have already asked you to do!” When I did I began to experience supernatural strength I had never known before. I came to discover that God’s day-to-day plan for us is to live lives of courage and risk, trusting and obeying Him.